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Transformational Coaching for Business Owners

Prepare yourself and your business for what's next.

Come into alignment. Overcome overwhelm, burnout and overwork. Lead your business from a place of health, wholeness and vitality. Live your most vital life.

Reclaim your

Optimize your

Next level your

Have you built your dream business

and a monster that sucks the life out of you?


You worked hard. You built a business that you are proud of, or at least one that pay the bills. You stayed late, said yes, put in the extra hours and went the extra mile. You placed your needs behind those of your business, clients, family and community. You paid the price.

Now, you can't take your foot off the gas. No matter how much time and energy you put into your business, it's never enough. You are ready for what's next, but you can't figure out how to get there. You are out of alignment, unable to break through to the next level, or worse, your life is beginning to crumble threatening to take your business with it. Sound Familiar? 

Hello. My name is Leif.

My wake up call came through a near fatal health bankruptcy.

I was That Guy. I had the job on Wall Street, the apartment in Brooklyn Heights, the summer share on Fire Island. I taught leaders at the highest levels of organizations how to be better leaders.


Truth was, I couldn’t lead myself. I was out of alignment, out of integrity and suffered the traumas and dramas of my past. I couldn't figure out how to make my life work.


After my health failed and I reached the limits of Western medicine, I nearly cashed it in.

That's when I decided I no longer wanted to be That GuyI set off on a journey to reclaim my health and sanity. In the process I rediscovered something vastly more important, a life worth living.

Now, I’m on a mission to help business leaders transform themselves and prepare their businesses for what's next so they can ha
ve greater impact and live their most vital lives.

Ready for what's next with your business?

Transform yourself, transform your business.

You are your business. When you are out of alignment, your business and everything else is out of alignment.


Whether you're ready to scale, sell, or take your business to a new level, know this: What got you here won't get you there. 


The decision before you is about change. Will you embrace the journey into the unknown; or will you stay where you are and continue to get the same results you've gotten?

Schedule a call
We'll help you gain clarity in one call.


Create Your Vision
Get crystal clear on what you desire.


Build a New Foundation
Prepare yourself for the road ahead.


Align Team and Organization
Transform your business for what's next.


Stop wishing your life and business were different ...

Do something about it.

Lead from the best version of you.

Modern Science + Indigenous Wisdom = Whole Human Leadership

Our ancestors passed down wisdom that teaches us how to live a good life in right relationship with everything around us. Modern science is only now beginning to catch up to that wisdom. 


When you connect deeply into your humanity, you become not only a better leader, you become a better human.

What the world needs now is better human leaders.

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Ready to answer the call?

I've worked in and consulted for leading organizations:

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